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Karoll Julian Inc.

Karoll Julian Inc. is one of the Bay area's premier paint company's. KJ provides interior painting, exterior painting, and staining for both residential and commercial clients. KJ specializes in Faux Finish, Venetian Plaster, and Gilding - KJ provides the highest-quality painting, coating, and decorative finishes available. KJ is ready to bring our experience to work for you. Our team is made up of industry professionals who are reliable, passionate and certified. They treat each customer the way they want to be treated - with honesty, respect, and hard work.

Karoll, Owner of Karoll Julian Painting Company



Karoll is the heart and soul behind each and every project. She is detail oriented and always gets the final say on each completed project. You'll never meet someone who is more personally invested in every job she takes on, and is always absolutely dedicated to providing work that meets her client's exact needs. She brings an incredible energy with her, whether she's working on a construction site or a bedroom upgrade, and loves turning business into fun.

Julian, Owner of Karoll Julian Painting Company



Julian started this team as a new company in 2002, and since then has worked on hundreds of residential, multi-unit, and commercial projects. From restaurants to large corporations, he has enjoyed taking on all the different challenges associated with painting. His passion for understanding people partnered perfectly with his wife's love of painting - and together they enjoy executing their client's projects with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Our History

After traveling the world to work with and study designers & architects, we've absorbed culture and style in a way that most painters never can. Our years spent abroad led us to incredibly expert craftsmen, and now we're bringing our painting experience back to the Bay area.

We are licensed with general liability insurance up to 2,000,000.
CA License No: 808059 | Policy Number: 32232056

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Our Clients Say:

"Being a store owner in the design district of San Francisco, I'm particular with referrals. I referred Karroll and Julian to many of my clients who always made it a point to always thank me."

"I hired Karoll Julian Inc for the exterior of my house in Marin. The quality of their work, their total professionalism, and their super friendly attitude made for a wonderful experience."

"I have to say working with Julian is such a pleasure. This company takes in its customers as if they are family and their ideas are just outstanding and they are a pleasure to know and to be working with."