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Classic Venetian Plaster 

Beautiful White Venitian Plaster

In addition to decorative painting services, our studio offers many custom services to the decorating and design industry.

We offer complete interior painting services as well as color and finish consultation. Our expertise in color blending and finish specification is unparalleled. We can custom formulate the paint in the exact color and finish it essential to your project.

We will happily collaborate with you on the wall and trim colors to complement your cabinetry or decorative design elements. We know how important getting the color, texture, and finish right are, and we will guide you through the process.

Painting & Plastering Specialist

Karroll Julian Painting Company specializes in exquisite Venetian Plastering. Classic Venetian plaster finishes, also known as Spatula Stuhhi Classico, are non-toxic, non-flammable, and fade resistant. Enhanced plasters for stucco and exteriors complete designs, repairs, decorative painting. Their fascinating faux painting and Venetian plaster finishes are issued in many magazines and many California properties.

Venetian Plastering Contractor

Polished and buffed, beautifully finished walls with traditional Venetian plasters are something you will most definitely find at KJ Painting.

Beautiful white wall plasterWe enjoy the process of Venetian Plaster finish creation. It is an excellent collaboration between the customer, the homeowner, our designer, and our installers. It is also gratifying to bring the touch of classical elegance to your home.

Venetian Plaster can be applied to select surfaces to create stunning accents or to all the walls to create a dramatic transformation to the room. The application process requires the knowledge of the materials and the technique, as well as the experience because timing, movements, pressure, and direction will significantly affect the results.

We know there are a large variety of options when it comes to decorative painting finishes, which it can even become overwhelming. Our Venetian plastering professional can help you decide what palette and textures will best fit your décor choice, and we guarantee you'll be more than happy with our amazing results!


Karoll Julian Venetian Plaster Service

Whether you have a particular image in mind or you want to explore colors and textures. Call Karoll Julian Painters to discuss our Venetian Plastering Services Now!


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